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Cheesecake Origins?

Have you ever taken a moment and thought… “Where does cheesecake even come from?” Probably not, or maybe you have. Today, cheesecakes have many faces, and countries all over the world have their own, unique way to enjoy these scrumptious desserts. Some weigh heavily on your stomach and some are JUST RIGHT! 

Cheesecakes may go back to Greece on an island of Samos. Physical anthropologists discovered and unearthed cheese molds that were dated circa 2,000 B.C. WHAT?! Let’s take a nap and wake up to 776 B.C. It was said that athletes competing in the first Olympic games were served these cheesecakes. People believed that the delicious pies gave the athletes energy before the games. (Hope they prayed to Zeus before eating).

Let’s fast forward a couple thousand years… it’s fine, it’s just a couple. 

The modern American cream cheese was developed in 1872 and by accident. William Lawrence from Chester, New York was trying to figure out a way to recreate a soft, French cheese Neufchatel but instead stumbled upon the creation of an “unripened cheese” that was heavier and creamier. 

In the years 1883-1970, Arnold Reuben (like the sandwich?) Yes! Just like the sandwich. He was well known for the Reuben. He was generally credited for creating the New York Style cheesecake. He was a German man and had come to America when he was a little Junge (Yoonguh). So the story goes: Arnold was invited to a dinner party where he and others were served a cheese pie. Apparently, he was intrigued by this dish that he critiqued and twisted the recipe himself, creating the beloved and EVER so popular New York Style cheesecake. 

Who ever knew where the Original Cheesecake came from. For more random information about cheesecake, be sure to follow our Blog and Article pages! We post throughout the week!

Auf Wiedersehen! 

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