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Part 2. Through the Thick and Thin - Covid-19

Wow! What a past couple months it has been... from transitioning from a full time job to only focusing on Del Prado Cakes. What a journey it has been already. Let's see, what has happened within a couple months... well, let me tell you! 

A tropical storm made its mark across Virginia with winds over 80mph which flooded majority of the state, damaging winds that destroyed many buildings, toppled trees, including the 100+ year old maple tree in my front yard. Which was fortunate enough that the tall 10 level tree missed my house by 10 feet give or take, but unfortunately landed on my neighbors front porch next to me.

The tropical storm hit in the dead middle of the current outbreak of Covid-19, which many of us were affected. (I hope you, while reading this, have bettered your living or personal issues that this outbreak may of caused). A state-wide clean up was underway. Business were not only shut down due to Covid, but some were destroyed, making things more intense. 

New shipping material that I've ordered from out of country halted as shipping prices rose and a Covid-19 handling fee was slapped onto each box... WHAT?! Things came to a dead stop and a heavy plateau of everything-business-related started to weigh heavily. 

As days and weeks went by and the world slowly started to reopen, things got a little easier. Solutions revealed themselves and things were starting to roll forward! *Sighs heavily in relief*

TONIGHT (sorry for yelling, just excited) is the last night to make every detail perfect for the official launch of the Del Prado Cakes website! So much work has been done, and I want to thank everyone that has been apart of building Del Prado Cakes. 

I can't wait for many people to see what we have created and to share the wonderful world of a new and unique way to enjoy our Cloud cheesecakes!

My huskie mommy is pregnant with her second litter of husky/malamute puppies. Going to go take care of her, then it's back to the grind!


À toute à l'heure! AH-TOOT-AH-LURE

"See you later!" in French.

(Remember this, I will be saying this a lot) ;)

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