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Part 1. What inspired me to build an online cheesecake business.


My name is Jesse, the owner and founder of Del Prado Cakes. I'm so happy to finally share with you my adventure of creating an online cheesecake business and what inspired me to do so. For many years I have jumped from one job to the next, learning new and exciting ways to build my own character but had no idea the things I've chosen to remember and hold onto for some reason would create a passion that would, years down the road would become a reality. 

Starting at a young age of 13, I began my first job, bagging groceries at a local Air Force Base Exchange. If you don't know what that is, it's your ordinary grocery store where military personnel and family members could shop for food without paying taxes, lol. That's about it, nothing too special. That was the first time I pondered the question, "How can I build a business and share my adventures and knowledge to others and give back to my community?" I continued to go to school, spend time with family, be with my friends and bag more groceries for the customers... but I held onto that question in the back of my head. 

I finally graduated high school in '08 and moved to La France where I met the, "L'amour de ma vie." (the love of my life). I spent some time living abroad and that was my first time away from family in a whole new world with a different culture and language. I was at that time a "regular" to the French language and the customs that came along with it. I wanted to broaden my exposure in the culture, and for some reason, pastries and desserts. Why?

I said my goodbyes to France and returned to the states to ship out to basic training for the United States Air Force. My "first love" relationship fell through like most and I continued forward with my life in self-healing. I still had that seed-of-a -question in my head, "How can I build a business and share my adventures and knowledge to others and give back to my community?" Four years flew by in a blink of an eye and I returned to the civilian life. 

Fast forward some years... and I've done so many jobs that peaked my interest but still couldn't yet discover my niche. Working from, Food Lion (a local grocery store)... I don't know what it is about grocery stores. lol don't ask. From Food Lion to GNC, to a contractor at a local Naval Shipyard, to then finally opening my very first Cafe/Bistro with my mother. There I was put to the test on how to create a brand/business and begin to live a niche I was so curious about... BAKING. I've always wanted to create/run my own business and bake at the same time. I was happier and gained so much knowledge about being an entrepreneur in business. 

From there I established a successful Cafe that I would have for the next couple years, to building another business on the side... a cake business. I would design, bake and bring to life people's' visions of celebrating their special events. Seeing the biggest smiles on people's faces from something I enjoyed creating, to simply them eating their cake while being around their loved ones... that genuinely made me happy! 

... to be continued.




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