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Hey ya'll! My name is Jesse. First off, I am so happy to welcome you to my world of cheesecakes! I have a ginormous passion for baking, and I'm a huge fan of cheesecakes. Ever since I was a wee lad, I have always loved cheesecake. Even though they were so delicious, they were always so rich for me. I couldn't finish a whole piece to myself even if I tried. 

Del Prado Cakes was a long time dream in the making. Back in 2015 I have co-owned a coffee/Bistro shop with my mother that we designed and put together ourselves and where we served coffee, freshly baked pastries and paninis. YUM! At the same time I founded a gourmet cake business where the passion for cakes ignited. My mother and I ran the coffee shop for three years until we finally decided to sell and move forward due to a low-traffic location. From there, I had put the idea of one day again owning my own successful cake business on simmer. Which I would come back to some years down the road. 

Finally in 2020 the leap of faith was taken and Del Prado Cakes was planned and a dream was born! My Del Prado family has heritage from all over the world and our bloodline had inspired my dream and desserts to blend together, thus creating my first decadent cheesecake that I call, The “Cloud” cheesecake. My family lived in Japan for some years, and my environment growing up was an Asian influence. So I thought... I want a cheesecake that was inspired by how I was raised and that would taste delicious. Boom! Japan had inspired my first cheesecake with just a touch of American style. 

The Original Cloud cheesecake pairs perfectly with a hot cup of tea or coffee. A soft, airy, fluffy, almost Cloud-like cheesecake that’s not too rich for the tastebuds, nor heavy like most cheesecakes on the stomach. It’s just right! 

I want to sincerely thank you again for showing interest in reading this and hope you enjoy and fall in love with the Cloud cheesecake like I did.



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