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cakes Now available in two sizes!

A ginormous WELCOME to all of our first timers and returning fans! 

Since you’ve clicked on our FAQ, it seems that you have questions or concerns about our products, services or shipping... We’re sorry, we can’t help you. Kidding, of course we are here to help! We have posted the important questions concerning everything we have to offer down below. Let’s begin!

I have an important event, birthday, celebration or movie/junk food night. When can I order?

Our cakes are a great add to any event! Who doesn’t love cheesecake? That’s why you’re here. We are here to guide you through the process and give you the best ordering option for your event.

We recommend ordering 7 days prior to your event. Having your cake a day or two early is always the best option. What’s also great is that our cakes are delivered frozen to ensure quality is kept! You can keep it in the freezer upon arrival then thaw 8 to 10 hours before the important event.


Where do/can you ship your products?
We ship nationwide within the United States at a flat rate, excluding Alaska, Guam, Puerto Rico and Hawaii. (We’re sorry, we WILL find a solution)! Unfortunately we do not ship out of the country because our delicious cakes are perishable.

When am I expected to receive my cake?
Patience, our friend. Beautiful things take time. Therefore it usually takes 3 to 5 business days for us to process your order, bake your cake with love, pack it with care, then hand it to our carrier friends. Carrier delays or high volume or orders may play a factor. 

What keeps my cake fresh and cold?
Once we have baked your beloved cake, we pack it frozen to ensure food quality is perfect and to keep the cake safe during transit. We then gently place our frozen packets inside the packaging to keep the cake frozen and at a cold temperature. Our packaging is safe and secure!

What do I do once I have received my cake?
We are so happy you received your cake! We recommend placing your cake and dressing in the freezer to keep quality freshness, then thaw your cake/dressing in the refrigerator 8-10 hours before slicing into it. We recommend heating the dressing to your preference.

My cake is damaged, what happened?
We sincerely apologize for your experience. Our cakes are placed fittingly in a metal cake tin to make sure no damage to the cake occurs during transit. There may be some crumbles on the bottom because our cake’s bottom is made of flaky crust. Don’t be alarmed. If for some reason the tin and cake is noticeably damaged, please include a photo of the shipping box (external), the tin and the cake itself. We will contact you ASAP to find a solution.   


What is in your cakes?
All purpose flour, sugar, cream cheese, milk, vanilla extract, sweet cream butter, unsalted butter, egg whites, yolks, corn starch, and may include (around holidays) light food coloring. These cakes are baked within the same vicinity of tree nuts. We do not offer gluten free options.


Can I get a refund?
Unfortunately there are no refunds. All transactions are finalized the moment after the order is placed. 


Can I customize my cake? Can you add writing to the top of the cake for my event?
All of our cakes come as is. We do not add or take away ingredients to accommodate special requests. We take pride in the savery balance of all of our flavors. If the cake isn’t sweet enough, don’t worry, the chocolate ganache is a perfect addition!

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