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Buddy T.  Norfolk, VA 

Just so everyone knows, I had the best cheesecake last night. Perfectly baked and the chocolate ganache just added that flavor that made it amazing. Good job. I think everyone in Virginia needs to go try it! Holidays are coming. Thank you Jesse. It was perfect.


Julia S. Williamsburg, VA
I bought the Cloud cake for my sister’s birthday. My sister and her family loved it so much and the delivery was phenomenal. Thank you so much for everything! I will definitely continue to be a customer of yours. I should buy one for my own family so we can see and taste what we’ve missed out on. Thank you again Del Prado Cakes! 

Katlyn R. Norfolk, VA
The Cloud cheesecake was truly AMAZING! Will definitely order and recommend you!

Johanna P. Portsmouth, VA
This is absolutely the best cheesecake I have ever had! I loaded that cake up with the chocolate ganache that was delivered to me! I need another order for my mom and dad, they would love this! I am totally sending referrals!! You all rock and everyone should be having a piece of Del Prado’s heavenly cheesecake!!!!

Miranda O. Virginia Beach, VA
Ordered myself a cake as a treat to me for mother’s day! Ordered mine with the chocolate ganache! I just tried it and it is sooo yummy! It's not too sweet and the texture is so light and silky! The crust is also lovely! Yall need to try this cheesecake you will NOT be disappointed! <3

Caressa N. Portsmouth, VA 
Thank you so much Del Prado Cakes! This cake is as good as it looks! Absolutely delicious! Prompt delivery and great service!

Jackie K. Gloucester, VA
My son’s mother’s day gift was the Cloud cheesecake with blueberry puree. What a wonderful cheese cake! We really are pleasantly surprised by the amazing and exotic taste!

Sean T. Hampton, VA
Finally got to try one of these Cloud cheesecakes today and it was beyond amazing! Light and fluffy with a wonderful light and not overpowering cream cheese flavor. The strawberry topping was devine! Thank you so much!

Jessica P. Suffolk, VA
5 out of 5 hands down! I’m a fan of your cheesecake! I am going to share it with all of my friends!

Flourdeline R. Chesapeake, VA
The Cloud was AMAZING!! We will definitely be ordering from Del Prado Cakes again! Thank you so much! P.S. We love the tin it comes in! :)

Angel H. Portsmouth, VA
YES YES YES, it’s exactly like it says, cloudy, fluffy and airy! The best part is the bottom flaky crust part. Lol

Janet D. Newport News, VA
Omg! The most amazing cheesecake I’ve ever had! You surely made a pregnant woman happy! Thank you so much Del Prado Cakes, I greatly appreciate it! You all are the best! I’ll definitely order from  you again. 

Gwendolyn A. Henrico, VA
It’s a hit! We couldn’t wait! Everyone loves the taste! So light and airy! The cake did not last! Thank you so much!

Matthew D. Portsmouth, VA
Everyone loved the cake! Unfortunately we didn’t get pictures because it got demolished before I could take any. Lol I want to thank you again Del Prado Cakes! It was absolutely amazing!

Jennifer R. Virginia Beach, VA
This cheesecake is amazing!!! Great job! My friends are going to place an order. They couldn’t stop drooling over our pics we took of the cake! haha

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